Planning & Research Fees

Planning a memorable vacation takes time and requires hours of research for it truly to be a one-of-a-kind experience for all. I am sure most of you already know this and that is why you have found Girls Getaway 360 Vacations. I ask all that respect my time to please review the fees below, as they are essential for the smooth operation of my business and for you to have a great Getaway!

To begin working on your travel arrangements, a paid initial planning & research fee is required. Fees vary depending on the number of travelers. Once the appropriate fee is paid in full, Girls Getaway 360 Vacations, LLC will secure and confirm travel arrangements as agreed. This fee is a one-time non-refundable payment and is separate from the cost of the trip. This fee cannot be broken down into payments, nor can it be paid in multiple ways. The planning fee includes 3 itinerary/trip options specifically designed to fit your budget, preferences, excursion planning, and private requests. Clients have 30 days to make a deposit on a booking from the date the quotes are delivered. Moving forward with a booking after the 30-day mark will require the payment of another planning fee and new itineraries delivered.

1-2 Travelers - $75

3-4 Travelers - $195

5-10 Travelers - $295

10-20 Travelers - $395

Our planning and research fee is charged only after you've had your initial free consultation and you decide that you would like to start a relationship with Girls Getaway 360 Vacations. It also tells me that you are serious about investing in your vacation.

Need to find a quick Hotel, Flight, or another form of Transportation for a trip you planned on your own? I'd love to help!

Hotel, Flights & Transportation Research - $50 per person

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If you have any questions regarding these fees, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss them.

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